How to Find Wallpapers for Google Pixel 3XL – Upgrade Your Screen Game

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The Google Pixel 3XL, with its stunning OLED display, deserves nothing but the best wallpapers to showcase its vibrant colors and sharp resolution. Whether you’re a nature lover, a fan of abstract art, or someone who appreciates minimalistic designs, there’s a perfect wallpaper out there for you.

Today we’ll explore various avenues to find that perfect backdrop for your device. Let’s get started!

Pixel 3XL’s Display

Google Pixel 3XL wallpaper

The Google Pixel 3XL boasts a 6.3-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. This means that for a wallpaper to look its best, it should ideally match or exceed this resolution.

Importance of Resolution

Resolution matters. When you use wallpaper that’s below the recommended resolution, it might appear pixelated or blurry. This is because the image has to be stretched to fit the screen, leading to a loss in clarity.

On the other hand, using a wallpaper with a higher resolution than necessary can consume more memory and might not always result in a better visual experience. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Aspect Ratio and Scaling

Google Pixel 3XL ratio

The aspect ratio of the Pixel 3XL’s display is 18.5:9. This is a bit taller than the standard 16:9 ratio seen in many other devices. When choosing a wallpaper, it’s essential to consider this aspect ratio to ensure the image fits perfectly without being cropped or stretched.

For instance, a 16:9 wallpaper might cut off at the top and bottom when applied to the Pixel 3XL. Always look for wallpapers designed specifically for your device’s aspect ratio or be prepared to make some adjustments.

Official Sources for Wallpapers

Google Pixel 3XL live

Google, being the tech giant it is, offers a plethora of stunning covers tailored for its Pixel devices. These are optimized for the display and often showcase the best of what your screen can offer.

Google Wallpapers App

Pre-installed on the Pixel 3XL, the Google Wallpapers app is a treasure trove of beautiful images. From breathtaking landscapes to intricate patterns, there’s something for everyone. The app categorizes covers, making it easy to find something that suits your taste.

Plus, there’s a daily wallpaper feature, ensuring you never tire of your phone’s appearance. The best part? These wallpapers are optimized for the Pixel 3XL, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Pixel Themes

Introduced with Android 10, Pixel Themes allows users to customize their device’s look beyond just the wallpaper. While the primary focus is on system-wide theming, it also offers a curated selection of wallpapers that align with the chosen theme.

This integration ensures that your icons, fonts, and covers all have a cohesive look. It’s a great way to give your Pixel 3XL a unique and personalized touch.

Third-Party Apps and Websites

While official sources are great, sometimes you want something a bit different. The good news is that there are countless third-party apps and websites dedicated to providing stunning wallpapers for all devices, including the Pixel 3XL.

Popular Apps

Apps like Zedge, Walli, and Backdrops have amassed millions of downloads, and for a good reason. They offer vast collections of high-quality covers, with many artists creating designs specifically for flagship devices like the Pixel 3XL.

These apps often have user ratings and categories, helping you sift through the plethora and find the perfect backdrop. Remember to check the resolution and aspect ratio, though most popular apps will automatically suggest wallpapers that fit your device.


Websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and WallpaperAccess offer high-resolution images for free. These platforms host photographs and designs from talented artists worldwide, ensuring a diverse range of styles and subjects. While these sites might not categorize covers by device, they do provide resolution details.

Armed with the knowledge of the Pixel 3XL’s display specifications, you can easily choose or adjust images to fit your screen perfectly.

Niche Communities and Forums

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The internet is brimming with communities where enthusiasts share and discuss wallpapers. These platforms can be goldmines for unique and lesser-known backdrops.

Reddit Communities

Subreddits like r/wallpapers and r/Amoledbackgrounds host a vast collection of covers shared by users worldwide. The community-driven nature ensures a constant influx of fresh content. Plus, many users design covers specifically for devices like the Pixel 3XL, ensuring a perfect fit.

XDA Developers and Other Tech Forums

XDA Developers, primarily known for its discussions on Android development, also has sections dedicated to covers. Users often share exclusive wallpapers from newly launched devices or create custom ones tailored for specific phones. Other tech forums and communities can also be valuable resources.

They often host contests, themed events, or challenges, resulting in a plethora of unique covers to choose from.

Exploring Covers with Dark Mode in Mind

Google Pixel 3XL photo

With the rise of OLED screens, dark mode has become more than just a visual preference. It’s a way to conserve battery life. The Pixel 3XL, with its OLED display, benefits from dark wallpapers, which turn off individual pixels, thereby saving power.

Benefits of Dark Covers

Dark wallpapers not only look sleek and modern but also offer tangible benefits for OLED screens. When displaying black or very dark colors, OLED pixels are essentially turned off, consuming less power.

This can lead to noticeable battery savings, especially if you often find yourself on the home screen or app drawer.

Finding AMOLED-friendly Wallpapers

Several apps and websites cater specifically to this category. Apps like “AMOLED Wallpapers” or “Black Wallpapers” curate a collection of dark-themed, high-resolution images perfect for the Pixel 3XL. Websites like also offer a vast array of dark covers tailored for OLED screens.

Live Covers

Google Pixel 3XL cover

These bring a dynamic touch to your Pixel 3XL, making your screen come alive with movement and interactivity. They can range from subtle animations to full-fledged interactive experiences.

What are their Benefits?

While static covers are beautiful, live wallpapers offer an added layer of depth and immersion. They can react to touch, change based on the time of day, or even provide information like the current weather.

For instance, a forest-themed live wallpaper might show a serene morning scene during the day and transition to a starry night as evening approaches. This dynamic change can make your phone feel fresh and new every time you unlock it.

Where to Find Them?

The Google Play Store is the primary source for live wallpapers. Apps like “Muzei” not only offer stunning animated covers but also allow you to set your photos as shifting, blurring backgrounds. Another popular choice is “Aerial,” which brings Apple TV’s famous aerial shots to your Pixel device.

Remember, while live wallpapers are visually appealing, they can consume more battery than static ones. It’s essential to find a balance between aesthetics and battery life.

Creating Your Own Covers

Why rely on others when you can craft the perfect wallpaper yourself? With the right tools and a bit of creativity, you can design a backdrop that’s uniquely yours.

Using Your Photos

Google Pixel 3XL selfie

The Pixel 3XL comes with an impressive camera, capable of capturing high-resolution photos. Your trips, family gatherings, or even random shots can become personalized covers. To ensure the best quality, always edit and crop your photos to match the Pixel 3XL’s resolution and aspect ratio.

Apps like “Snapseed” or “Adobe Lightroom” can help you enhance and resize your images.

Design Tools and Apps

If you’re artistically inclined, apps like “Canva” or “Adobe Spark” can be invaluable. They offer easy-to-use design tools, templates, and a plethora of elements to craft the perfect wallpaper. Whether you’re into minimalistic designs, abstract art, or typography, these platforms provide all the tools you need.


Do I need to worry about copyright when downloading covers?

Always ensure you have the right to use an image. Many apps and websites offer royalty-free images for personal use.

Can I use wallpapers from other phone brands on my Pixel 3XL?

Yes, as long as the resolution fits or is higher than 1440 x 2960 pixels.

How do I optimize my photos to use as covers?

Use photo editing apps like “Snapseed” or “Lightroom” to enhance and crop your photos to the desired resolution.

Where can I find artistic wallpapers for my Pixel 3XL?

“Artwalls” and “Prism” are great apps for artistic wallpapers.

Do any apps offer daily updates for the Pixel 3XL?

Yes, apps like “Wallpapers by Google” and “Zedge” often update their wallpaper collections daily.


The Google Pixel 3XL, with its expansive and vibrant OLED display, serves as a canvas for your digital expressions. Wallpapers, whether static, live, animated, or dark-themed, are more than just background images.

They’re a reflection of your personality, mood, and style. They can evoke memories, inspire creativity, or simply bring a smile to your face every time you unlock your device. But beyond the technicalities and sources, the essence of covers lies in the joy of discovery and the thrill of personalization.

In a digital age where our smartphones are constant companions, having a backdrop that resonates with our individuality can make our interactions more enjoyable and meaningful. In the end, remember that your device is an extension of you. Let it showcase your tastes, memories, and aspirations.

Let it be uniquely and unapologetically yours! –

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