Wow, has it been a busy week!  I had a short break from college (all of about two days) and I am ready to bring in December.  December means my daughter comes to visit before heading off for two months in Thailand, I (hopefully) obtain my British driving license, and – of course – Christmas! In between college and work and my driving test, I’m also working on graphics and have added a few new things to the site this past week.

The first was an adoptable that’s made especially for the wonderful children in your life! It features either a boy or a girl, in their pajamas, holding a Christmas ornament with their name written across the front.  As always, you have your choice of skin color, hair color, and whether or not they are wearing glasses.  I think it would be really fun to use these on gift tags for your children, or even to print out your very own wrapping paper!

Next was an adoptable for the grown-ups (at least chronologically)! She’s dressed for cold weather with a knitted hat and sweater – even gloves!  She’s sitting behind a piece of wood that’s topped in snow and holly berries and is joined by a cheerful robin.  (I love seeing fat happy robins this time of year).  Again, you have your choice of skin/hair color and glasses if needed 🙂

I’m also thinking ahead to January planning for the members of my graphics club. In keeping with the robin theme from the adoptable, this calendar pack features a happy wee robin to bring in the new year. Each date is headed by a snow covered twig sporting one lone leaf!  As in previous years, you’ll receive your calendar pack in both PNG and PDF formats for easy editing.

And to top it all off for this week, I’ve put an additional monthly calendar up for sale for those that are not members of my graphics club. This one features my special pup, Muggle, celebrating the new year with her hat and streamers.  The dates are topped with a collar and tag holding the numbered dates.  Again, this calendar comes in both PNG and PDF formats.  Though this one isn’t free, it’s priced at just $1.00 and members do get their discount!

I think that’s about it for this week!  I hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving and that December brings you lots of joy and cheer 🙂

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