Membership to ThistleGirl Designs has many benefits! You can sign up for your membership here! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS SITE WILL BE CLOSING ON 30 NOVEMBER 2021, SO YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL GRAPHICS PRIOR TO THAT TIME!

Benefits of Membership

The Mega Membership gives you unlimited access to over 140 web art collections (click here to see the complete list) including (just to name a few): AeroTots, Aloha, Autumn Leaves, BooBoo Kids, Buffalo Babies, Candy Kids, Christmas Gnomes, Cupid Kids, Daffodil Darlings, Eco Kids, Fairway Friends, Fishing Friends, Gingerbread Pals, Hippie Kids, I Love Mom, Ice Cream Kids, Little Detectives, Lizards, Math Symbols, Nativity Play, Nutcracker Kids, Patriotic Kids, Pit Crew, Pizza Pals, Presidents, Prince and Princess, Raccoons, Rainy Days, Say Aah, School Bus Kids, School Supplies, Space Kids, Steampunk, Surf’s Up, Toga Tots, Toothless, Tots and Trains, Veggie Kids, Weather Watchers, Wee Wizards, Worldwide Wee Ones, and Yellow Brick Road! A very small sample of some of the thousands of included images are shown below:

You’ll also find over 30 background packs – collections of tiled backgrounds that you can use to decorate your websites or blogs.


You’ll be sure to make use of over 80 coloring pages including each letter of the alphabet and several different animals.


You’ll also be able to explore the printables section which contains an assortment of more than 40 awards, puzzles, invitations, crafts and kitchen helpers.


You’ll also have access to anything that I may add to the member’s area in the future. You can download items from within the member’s area as often as you like with no limits.



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