Phew, what a busy week ahead!  My youngest graduates from primary school so we’ve more than a couple of events to attend.  The news declares that there is a heat wave on the way as well!  (For those not aware, Scotland apparently considers 75 degrees to be a heat wave which has me laughing)  I’ve been enjoying having some extra time for graphics however, and have a new addition to the site 🙂

A customer request led to these graphics and I had so much fun working on them!  If you like llamas, you’ll love this collection.  As usual, it’s available in both web and print formats and includes a total of 30 images (the print collection has 57 as it includes black and white images as well).  You’ll find llamas for most holidays and some just enjoying being their llama selves.  Check out Llama Love when you get a chance!

A glitch in last week’s update prevented the links to monthly calendars showing up so I’ll include them again here for those of you that like to be prepared extra early (keep in mind that these calendars are only available to members):

Wondering what’s next? Well, I’m updating and (hopefully) improving on an old set – Camping Kids – after many requests.  (You can see the old set, which will be retiring when I release the new one, here) I expect this collection to take me a little while as I want it to be a big improvement over the old one but keep an eye out!

That’s all for this week – I hope you are all enjoying a lovely summer 🙂

Ashley McC

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