Good morning (at least it is in Scotland) everybody!  I hope you’re all enjoying an amazing summer.  We actually got a wee bit of sunshine this week so I took some time to soak it up.  We’re actually expecting to hit 70 degrees today before the rain returns later this evening!

I’ve been so wonderfully busy this past week and just wanted to take a moment to share some new additions for you …

To start with, I decided it was time to update my old reading kids set (which has now been retired).  Enter Little Readers!  Just a few of the included images are shown here. You’ll find kids reading some of their favorite books as well as listening to books with headphones in this set.  You’ll also find a happy bookworm, a “top dog” reader, and a cheery bear. This set is available in both web and print (including black and white images) formats.

Feeling inspired by those kids, I created some bookmarks that can be personalized, printed, and handed out to your own little readers! These bookmarks come on one PDF so you can print all three at the same time, or as individual PNG images that you can edit if your own graphic/photo editing software.

And lastly, I finally finished a set I’d been playing around with for a while. Named after a dear grandfather, Ermit Everyday features bears in various positions, clothing, and activities.  There are even two bears holding blank signs to which you can add your own text. Again, this set is available for both web and print usage.

And that’s about it for now!  I haven’t decided what I’ll work on when I finish up some current custom orders – maybe I’ll just see what today’s sunshine inspires.  If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to add it to my request page!

Wishing y’all lots of sunshine,
Ashley 🙂

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