Howdy y’all and greetings from rainy Scotland! (Seriously though, could somebody please have a word with Mother Nature?)

I’ve been really busy the past week and couldn’t love it more!  There are some new additions to my site to tell you about that I hope you’ll enjoy …

To start with, I’ve created an entirely new section on my site that features ready-made logos. They’re perfect for those that need a quickly delivered logo, either for business or personal use.

To afford you some originality, I’m only selling ten of each.  That being said, if you’re the first to purchase you’ll have the option of purchasing exclusive use to the logo and it won’t be made available to anyone else!

I’ll be adding more of these on a pretty regular basis as I enjoy making them so much!

Then I took a look back at many of the requests I receive.  So many childcare providers had requested a menu plan form, so that’s what I did! Though it’s free for both Mini and Mega members, it can be purchased if you’re not a member.

Just like my calendars, it comes in both a PNG format and a PDF (click and type) format to suit whatever your needs may be.

And last, but not least, there are less than 24 hours left to get your personalized name tag for $5 off (normally $20)!  I’ve been having a blast doing these this week.

That’s about all for now!  I’ve got more ideas and plans in the works, so stay tuned 🙂



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