Hello everybody!  I sure do hope you’re enjoying your summer.  It’s rainy here (as it often is in Scotland) and not nearly as warm as I’d like (think 62 degrees for the high).  What else to do but hunker down in the front of the computer and work on some new graphics?

Firstly, I had many requests for additional Happy Hearts so that’s what I’ve done!  Shown to the left is just one of the included hearts.  There are 40 hearts in total in the new collection and many of them have space for you to add your own text.  Now you can get Happy Hearts and Happy Hearts 2 – surely enough love for all your projects!

Secondly, I am offering a one week only sale on my custom name tags.  Until next Wednesday, you can get your own for £5 off the normal price!  These name tags have always been popular and offer you a way to have a one-of-a-kind graphic that you can use on absolutely everything!  I’ve received pictures of them printed on coffee mugs, t-shirts, printed and framed in classrooms … your imagination is the only limit.

That’s all for this week!  I’m working on more goodies in the background and loving every moment of it.  If you have something you’d like for me to put on my “to do” list, don’t hesitate to add it to my request page!  See ya next week 🙂

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