Eleven days ago, I welcome this little beauty into my life!  I’ve named her Muggle and she came to me through a rescue group called Help for Hope that rescues dogs from Romania.  Please don’t ask me what type of dog she is as we simply don’t know – the best guess is a mix of terrier and spaniel!

Wee Muggle didn’t have the greatest start to life.  She and two of her sisters were abandoned on the side of the road and taken to a public shelter where they didn’t get any love, attention, or socialization.  She was then rescued by a lovely woman running a shelter that struggles to find homes for the unwanted abroad.  This is how she came to me!

She’s very timid and shy, but she’s growing every day.  She’s gradually learning to trust people as I take her to work with me in a local shop where she meets lots of gentle, dog-loving customers almost daily.  She’s getting better going for walks although I still have to carry her out of the house and coax her along.  I’m sure that with my continued love and patience, she’ll grow into a wonderfully happy dog!

For now, however, we’re spending a lot of time at home which gives me the opportunity to capture her in pixels and release a new collection!

This new set of images is available in either web or print formats (the print collection also includes black and white line art).  You’ll find her celebrating an assortment of holidays as well as just doing “doggy” things.

You can see all the included images here.

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