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Kindergarten Teacher

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ashley and her work! Her designs are adorable and she is so thoughtful throughout the process of creating her custom work. She checks in with her clients and I cannot wait to order more custom work in the future. Thanks Ashley!

Tracy Garrant

Love my ThistleGirl Designs

I’m a teacher and I absolutely love personalized items. I can’t get enough of these custom art characters!! ThistleGirl designs will allow my Virtual Classroom to be truly unique!! Thank you Ashley for your amazing art.

Ivon Ros

Great for Teachers!

I have been a member for a very long time. Ashely continues to create wonderful graphics.

I love all of the designs and find many uses for them as a 2nd and 3rd-grade teacher.

The personalized graphics are always adorable and I get a lot of positive feedback from others about them.

Thank you for creating so many cute and relevant images for us!

Cindy Henard
Madera Unified

Special Education Teacher

Ashley is a wonderful artist and person. I have been a graphics member since 2012 after admiring her work for some time before that. In addition to being a Mega Member, I have purchased many “Adoptables” and personalized graphics over the years. She is so conscientious, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!

Harmony Davidson

Ashley is awesome!

Ashley is awesome! She has done custom designs for me a few times and it is always a pleasure to work with her. As a teacher, I recently contacted her to help me spice up my slides for online learning due to the pandemic, and in a few days I had fabulous graphics for my slides. It was as simple as giving her my idea and she took my ideas and brought them to life! Ashley was in constant contact with me throughout the process, was responsive, and made any change I asked for. There isn’t anyone else I would trust for custom graphics work! She is a true graphics genius and her work is beyond extraordinary!

Debbie Kownacki

Love My New Stamps

ThistleGirl Designs is always creative, always innovative, always so aesthetically pleasing – and my new personalized stamps certainly fit that description!! The design and colors are exactly what I pictured. Thank you for taking the few words I gave you and turning them into my own little piece of personality. Just peachy! 😍🥰😍

Sherri Jarrett

I used to spend so much time and money searching for quality graphics for my Preschools communications, newsletters and calendars. Since getting my Thistlegirldesigns membership, I use Ashley’s graphics almost exclusively. Her designs have given us a unique style that is bright and happy.

I constantly get compliments on our custom nametags and can’t wait to start using our new personalized stamps!!!
Thank you so much!!!

Cindy Billiet


ThistleGirl Designs is a wonderful and happy place owned and operated by one of the friendliest, most helpful people I have ever “met.” Although we have never met in person, I feel like I have known Ashley forever! Her clipart is so happy and uplifting. As one of her inspirational quotes states, “You are somebody’s reason to smile.” Her artwork definitely makes me smile!

I want to thank Ashley for all of the fantastic products that she creates from clip art images, to fonts, alphabets, calendars, custom images, logos, adoptables, and so much more. Ashley continues to create new and fresh ideas and share her talents with the world. Her images are bright, vivid, detailed, and she is so conscientious about all of the work that she creates. If you have something in mind that you would like and you can picture it but not quite figure out how to describe it, Ashely is very good to take your ideas and thoughts and come up with just the perfect product. She is patient and kind and will listen to any and all suggestions, give feedback as to what she thinks might work best, and she will work with you to make custom adorable clipart that fits exactly what you need when you need it.

I use ThistleGirl Designs in the products I create as well as presentations for my classes. Students and families have asked where I find my clipart and have commented on how “cute,” “fun,” and “colorful” they think things look. I couldn’t agree more!

I am grateful to have found Ashley and her site and have been a fan and happy ThistleGirl Designs customer for at least ten years. I look forward to all the future has in store with more artwork and ideas that Ashley is so generous to share with the world.

I highly recommend Ashley and her store! Her customer service can’t be beaten, and her friendliness shines through with each and every product and email! She is prompt, thorough, and courteous each and every time.

ThistleGirl Designs (a “thank you” poem)

Do you need an image, an alphabet, or a font?
Do you need a calendar that’s tip-top?
Are you tired of hunting and searching?
Then ThistleGirl Designs is your all-in-one shop!

From clip art packages
To custom work for you,
Ashley’s designs will inspire
And give big smiles too!

Not sure about an adoptable?
A wallpaper or a logo?
Go to ThistleGirl Designs
And check out Ashley’s awesome portfolio!

There’s so much to love
There’s so much to see,
Ashley is so creative and talented
And shares with the world, thankfully!

So, contemplate and wonder
And worry no more…
Head on over to Ashley’s
ThistleGirl Designs Store!

THANK YOU, Ashley,
For all that you do,
You are a talented inspiration
And I so appreciate wonderful you! 🙂

Deanna House

Best site around!

I have been a member of TGD for almost 10 years. During this time, there has been changes. But some of the things that have never changed are-
1. The quality of graphics that Ashley creates. They are fun and colorful, and high quality! I’ve created and designed lots of websites using her graphics. Oh, and the membership….well worth it! Graphic sets, calendars, coloring pages, background packs, and so much more!!
2. Ashley is an amazing person! She is so awesome to work with! Her creations are top-notch and so is her customer service.

So all-in-all, ThistleGirl Deisigns is wonderful and highly recommend!

Kyle Vinduska

Thank You!

Thank you to Ashley for this adorable clipart! I use it almost exclusively on my products to the point where it is part of my digital signature. There is just something about it that makes people smile!

No business can function successfully without great personal service, and Ashley is so responsive! She really listens and pays attention to detail. She has worked with me to create my logo, a portrait of my dog, and other custom graphics. If there is ever a question, she gives me a quick response and handles everything so thoughtfully and thoroughly.

I am a big fan of Ashley and ThistleGirl Designs!

Jennifer Clark Walts

Wow, wow, wow!

I’m overly impressed by this seller and her store!  Her customer service is the BEST I have honestly ever experienced!  Ashley responded to my emails (yes, that is plural) within minutes!  I could NOT believe how on top of things she is and how professional she was!  In a busy world like ours, its essential for a quick and speedy response when trying to get things accomplished and that is what I got when working with Ashley.  I can go on and on about how wonderful of an experience I had with her.   Not only was I blown away by her customer service but she was so thoughtful, kind, and compassionate when I have questions about my membership.   More IMPORTANTLY her graphics are the BEST out there.  They are my absolute favorite and I ONLY use her graphics on my TPT store!  You are in GREAT hands and I highly recommend Ashley and all her amazing graphics and products!

Connie S

Custom Logo Help

ThistleGirl Designs walked us through the creative process of developing a logo for our sports team. Ashley was a great communicator and the end product was well received by the whole team.

Susannah Williams



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