If you wish to distribute the SmartBoard lessons you make, you MUST have a reseller’s license (a separate item from this license) in order to share or sell items you have created. If you are only making the SmartBoard lessons for your own use, you do not need a license.

Whether or not you decide to charge for your work is totally up to you, but you must have a a reseller’s license or reseller’s membership in order to be able to do so. This license is required in addition to your reseller’s membership.

Because it is not currently possibly to 100% protect the graphics within these presentations, I must require that you insert an image (that I have created and will provide to you) at the end of your presentation. This image states that the graphics are protected by copyright and may not be removed.

If you wish to upgrade your reseller’s license to include the SmartBoard lesson license, simply add this item to your cart. After purchase, you will be able to download the image required as mentioned above.

By purchasing this license, you agree to abide not only by the terms of the reseller’s license, but you also agree to insert this image (as shown below) into your presentations.


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