A reseller license grants you the lifetime right to use your purchased ThistleGirl Designs graphics on products that you sell, distribute or share, as well as to decorate your business website and/or business documents. The following conditions apply to the reseller’s license:

  • This license is valid for ONE website or business.This license is only for products that you create by hand or on your own computer. They may not be massed produced by another company for sale by you with out prior written permission (i.e. Cafe Press, etc.) and may not be used to create websites for others. Such allowable product usage may include items such as notecards, stationery, embroidery patterns, forms, documents, etc.
  • You may NOT re-sell my already completed items from the membership area – i.e. calendar packs, colouring pages, awards, etc. You may use the graphics within the membership area to create your own items should you decide to purchase a membership.
  • All usage is bound by my terms of use. You may not alter the graphics in any way, shape or form by changing the colors. You may add text as long is it does not alter the appearance of the graphic itself other than the textual addition. Resizing of graphics sold on this site as “Print  Art” is permitted.
  • All products must include “graphics © www.thistlegirldesigns.com”. This may be on the actual product itself, or on a small tag included with the product. You do not own the rights to any graphics you purchase for this use, and can not grant resell privileges to another. For example, you may make and sell a machine embroidery pattern. You may not, however, grant someone the rights to use that pattern on products they resell on to others.
  • If your products will be downloadable from the web, you must make every effort to protect my graphics. This may mean, in the case of forms or documents, placing the document in .pdf format. You may not distribute items that you have created if the graphics are not completely protected, meaning your end user can not be able to remove the graphics for other uses.
  • Use of ThistleGirl Designs graphics in SmartBoard presentations requires an additional license (at a very minimal charge) and adherence to a very strict procedure.
  • This license is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Should you sell your business, and the new owner wish to continue using ThistleGirl Designs, they must purchase the appropriate licenses for themselves.


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