Personalize a tombstone with some happy news!  This tombstone is guarded by a black cat, a cheerful frog, and a cast iron fence with a little pumpkin and some autumn leaves.  Shown here as personalized for me (actual web size), your tombstone is a blank canvas and I can add any text that you like!  I can also put in a very simple shape (such as the heart shown here).

This graphic will come in two formats:

  • web format: 96 dpi with transparent background, 265 x 252 pixels
  • print format: 300 dpi with transparent background, 7″ wide x 6.7″ high (this graphic can be resized a good amount without losing any detail)

Please fill out the personalization form below and submit it before making your purchase.  I will customize your graphic and deliver it to your email within 48 hours.

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