This collection of clipart features 52 hearts, all filled with different colors and objects – suitable for so many different occasions!  Perfect for decorating a website, they’re also wonderful for use in crafting or adding your own text to create a logo for your business.

The web images are approximately 250 pixels square at 96 dpi and can only be used for the web.  The print images, however, are approximately 8″ square in 300 dpi.  This means they can be enlarged and reduced by a fair amount while still keeping their detail.

The collection starts with solid, gingham and polka dotted hearts that come in pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown and grey.  Only shown are some below as an example.  You’ll get one of each in each color (i.e. pink solid/polka dot/gingham, red solid/polka dot/gingham, etc). You’ll also get a selection of six different hearts that are just perfect for adding your own text (although you could add text to any heart, these are made especially for it …  After that, you’ll find an assortment of patterns and designs – many of which would work for various holidays and themes.

The web only collection is 2MB in size, while the print collection is almost 29MB.

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