There’s not an awful lot (outside of friends and family) that I’ve really missed during lockdown … except for a lovely vanilla latté from my favorite local coffee shop.  It’s been on my mind for days, even though I often make my own, so I’ve made up a personalized graphic inspired by that coffee shop!  You’ll get to choose the name across the top and bottom of the circle, the color of the ring (dark green shown here), your hair color, skin tone, and whether or not you wear glasses.

Your image will come in two formats:

  • web: 96 dpi PNG with transparent background, approximately 300 pixels square
  • print: 300 dpi PNG with transparent background, 7″ square

Please fill in the form to submit your personalization instructions before making your purchase.  Examples of the available hair colors and skin tones are shown here. If you already have a custom headshot from me, please make sure you click that button below!

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