One of my most popular collections ever, these guys needed a definite update from almost 10 years ago!  This collection features children doing outdoor and camping activities including hiking with backpacks, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, snuggling in their tents, and lighting up their surroundings with flashlights and lanterns.  There is even a happy little racoon to keep them company.

The web collection contains 64 images in 96 dpi PNG format with a transparent background. The file is 1.9 MB.

The print collection (which includes black and white images) contains 82 images.  These images are also transparent PNG images with a transparent background but they are 300 dpi which allows for a good degree of resizing.  In their original form, they are approximately 5 inches tall.  The file size for the print images is 19.1 MB.

Examples of all the included graphics are show below (but they have been reduced in size).

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