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I absolutely love seeing all the furry, fat bumble bees this time of year! I’ve been know to help one or two exhausted ones in the past and they always make me happy so I couldn’t resist creating a new set of bumble bee clip art 🙂

This set comes in both web and print formats.  The web imagines are 96 dpi PNG’s with a transparent background and are approximately 250 pixels square (each image varies a wee bit). There are 22 images in total and the file size is just less than 1 MB.

The print format set includes all the same images found in the web collection but are in 300 dpi PNG, also with a transparent background. Images are 8 inches wide or tall at their largest side yet can be enlarged and reduced a fair amount.  In addition, the print format includes black and white images of all the bee images (not the text). There are 42 images and the file size is 24 MB.

Please note that the images below have been reduced in size.

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