This personalized image features a woman dressed like a very thankful pilgrim!  She holds a stitched heart with the words “be thankful” on it.  A turkey peeks from behind her dress and a chubby pumpkin is personalized with her name.  What a nice way to customize your Thanksgiving 🙂

You’ll receive this image in two formats (the widths stated may vary slightly depending on the length of the name):

  • Web: 96 dpi, transparent background, 165 x 283 pixels
  • Print: 300 dpi, transparent background, 4.7″ x 8″

You’ll get to select skin tone, hair color, and whether or not your pilgrim wears glasses! Please don’t forget to fill out the personalization form after purchase.  Your personalized graphic will be delivered to your email within 48 hours.  Please keep in mind that that the text size on the pumpkin will be adjusted to fit your text.

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