One of my favorite Christmas carols has always been The Twelve Days of Christmas so it’s only natural that I would someday end up creating a collection in that theme! This is a rather large collection in both web and print formats with both boys and girls representing most days (there are no boys representing ladies dancing nor are there girls representing lords-a-leaping, etc).

All included images are shown below in a reduced size, simply for illustration purposes. Your images will not include my watermark upon them.


  • The web collection contains 107 images in 90 dpi PNG format. These can not be resized.
  • The print collection contains 130 images (including black and white) in 300 dpi PNG format. They are approximately 5″ tall in their original format, but these images can be resized.
  • Download sizes: Web = 3.5MB, Print = 35.6MB
  • Please remember to choose your download option before clicking the purchase button
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