I’m doing something a wee bit different with this adoptable – it’s not a teacher!  This adoptable is for that special kid (or kids) in your life 🙂

This personalized image has so many possibilities…  Imagine printing out gift tags or even using the image to create your own wrapping paper!  You could even use it to sign that letter to Santa Claus or on cards to friends and family – the possibilities are virtually limitless 🙂

Each image features either a boy or a girl in their pajamas and holding a bauble decorated with their name.  As always, you’ll have your choice of hair/skin color and whether or not to include glasses.  You’ll receive your image in both web an print formats so you can use them whenever you may wish.

Each adoptable is $8.00 (except for members who receive a 50% discount).  If you’re interested in purchasing for more than 5 children, contact me and we’ll work out some bulk pricing for you.  I do ask that you allow me up to 48 hours to personalise your images so please be sure to order early!


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