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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use
How ThistleGirl Designs MAY be used:
ThistleGirl Designs may be used to decorate your personal or commercial (family-friendly) website and emails, including signature cards on message boards and/or guestbooks provided the terms listed on this page are met. They may also be printed for personal use such as stationary, scrapbooks, etc. provided the terms listed on this page are met. Custom graphics may be displayed on this site at the artists discretion. ThistleGirl Designs are available to all visitors, regardless of race, creed, religion, or nationality. ThistleGirl Designs retains the copyright to all graphics, custom or otherwise, at all times.

How ThistleGirl Designs graphics MAY NOT be used:
You may not, at any time:

alter my graphics in any way to include, but not limited to, recoloring, resizing, combining, or adding text (unless specifically noted or in the case of blank banners, buttons and quilt squares which are designed for your text)
create new items from my graphics such as email stationary, blinkies, incredi-mail stationary, banners, awards, tubes, templates, etc.
distribute ThistleGirl Designs or items created with graphics from ThistleGirl Designs from your site or through email groups or list servers such as Yahoo groups, etc. under any circumstances. Any prior permission granted has now been revoked.
sell products containing ThistleGirl Designs for any reason with prior approval and resellers license
direct link to any graphics on this site
print ThistleGirl Designs graphics on products for resale without prior approval and resellers license
use graphics that you have purchased or received as a part of your membership package to decorate another persons site

Your responsiblity:
In order to use the graphics found on this site, you must provide a link back to ThistleGirl Designs on each page where the graphics are used. You may use a logo supplied with a collection, or a text link in readable size. This includes using my graphics as sig tags or on message boards.

ThistleGirl Designs reserves the right to request removal of my graphics from any site at any time, or to restrict use to any person due to objectionable content or violation of my terms of use. (I will ask nicely first, if at all possible)I reserve the right to revoke or suspend your membership for any violation of my terms of use or for non-payment of fees (whether a non-paid purchase order or reversal of charges that causes me to incur fees) at any time.

Use of ThistleGirl Designs graphics on commercial sites and/or for business promotion:
You may use graphics you have purchased to decorate your business/commercial website providing all other terms and conditions are met. You may also use the graphics to decorate your business documents such as letterhead, invoices, etc.

Use of ThistleGirl Designs graphics by web designers:
Website designers who charge for their services are required to have a Website Designers License. Please contact me for further information on this.

Use of ThistleGirl Designs graphics on product you sell:
A Reseller license is for those who wish to use ThistleGirl Designs graphics on products they sell or distribute.

- This license is only for products that you create by hand or on your own computer. They may not be massed produced by another company for sale by you with out prior written permission (i.e. Cafe Press, etc.). Such allowable product usage may include items such as notecards, stationary, templates, embroidery patterns, forms, documents, etc. Cross stitch patterns may only be created for personal use and not for resale.
- All usage is bound by my conditions of use. You may not alter the graphics in any way, shape or form by changing the colors. You may add text as long is it does not alter the appearance of the graphic itself other than the textual addition. Resizing of .png graphics is permitted as long as a quality finished product is achievable.
- All products must include "graphics ©". This may be on the actual product itself, or on a small tag included with the product.
- If your products will be downloadable from the web, you must make every effort to protect my graphics. This may mean, in the case of forms or documents, placing the document in .pdf format. Under no circumstances may you distribute a product in which the end consumer is able to remove the graphics and use them for other purposes.
- You must email me with the name and nature of your usage, as well as your site url if applicable. If in doubt, please contact me beforehand.
- You may use ThistleGirl Designs graphics to decorate your website (if applicable) as well as your business promotional items.
- I reserve the right to request removal of my graphics due to objectionable (not family-friendly) content, violation of these rules, or violation of my terms of use.
- Violation of these rules or my terms of use may result in revokation of your product usage license with no refund of fees paid.
- It is your responsibilty to maintain a working knowledge of these rules and my terms of use, as they may change from time to time.
- This license is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Should you sell your business, and the new owner wish to continue using ThistleGirl Designs, they must purchase the appropriate license for themselves.